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Tuesday, February 23

Little Girl’s Room Makeover – Step One

Why is this redo going so S – L – O – W – L – Y?
With the delivery of our newborn very VERY close, I’ve been trying to get motivated to work on the “Little Girl Room” which sister will have to move into when she vacates the nursery for the new baby.  Unfortunately I do NOT have the “nesting” instinct and would much rather stay in bed most of the time.  So the project has been very slow going.

BUT… to motivate myself, I decided to post my progress as I go.  I’m hoping this will help me to keep on track and keep going.

STEP ONE (anyone else just have a NKOTB flashback?)
The first step is to get rid of those bland, pale walls.  When we built the house, the builder allowed us to choose two paint colors at no extra cost.  So we picked a neutral color for most of the house and a greenish tone for the kitchen/breakfast area.  The thought was, as we decide what other colors we want, we will repaint those rooms ourselves.

It’s Unfortunate…
I had taken LOTS of before pics of the room in question when it was decorated as our guest room, but those pics were on our laptop which was recently stolen.  I’m sorry I can’t share them with you, but here are a couple pics of the wall color before it was painted.  The original color is Sherwin Williams “Crisp Linen”. 

origWall2 origWall1

A time for Peace, Serenity, Calm…
Lately I’ve been attracted to the serenity and calm of the bluish lavender colors.  I decided to do a two tone room and divide the colors with a chair rail. 
On the top half of the wall I used Valspar 4001-7B Lavender Mist interior satin.
Valspar Top color

The bottom half of the wall was painted with Valspar 4002-7C Purple Freedom interior satin.
Valspar Bottom Color

This is how the walls look with the paint up, but no chair rail yet.

I hope to post Step Two soon… which will be the addition of the chair rail.

Oh… where is that energy?…  Wish me luck.  More on this room later… but hopefully not TOO much later.



  1. Hey there lady, take it easy on yourself. If you're expecting, then you're doing far more important things than making over a room - like making toes and fingers!

    Have you made any purchases for the new room? Sometimes I find that if I've purchased something for the new space, then it hels me get motivated to do the other stuff necessary to put the new item in place. I want to see it in it's new home. Good luck, but remember, you're doing far more important things.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Heh heh... yeah, I'm taking it very slowly. But working on it also makes me feel good. Gives me something to do other than sitting around feeling EVERY kick and stretch. :)

    Haven't figured out what to do about the furniture yet. The room is full of the guest furniture that I'm not crazy about. It either needs replacing or painting, but it's not a priority right now. Like you said, I have toes and fingers to make. Thanks for your comments!


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