When I picture the windows open in a room, I imagine warm sunshine streaming through as the wind gently blows the curtains. Fresh air hits me and I am compelled to take a deep breath. The refreshing energy fills my soul. Of course there are only certain seasons when it's practical to open the windows, but my goal is to fill my heart, home, and family with a beautiful serenity that always makes me think the windows are open!

Wednesday, May 26

Little Girl’s Room Wall Border


The painting is finally done.  The walls I showed you in a previous post, but this week I tried my hand a stenciling.  I’d never successfully stenciled before.  (I gave up the previous time I tried).  It seems to be a precise science to get just the right amount of paint on the brush/roller, then hold the stencil very still while getting paint into tiny holes.  And, spray adhesive on the back of the stencil didn’t work for me on our textured walls.  I’m convinced that if I had flat walls, this would have worked much better.  That’s my excuse anyway, hehe!  I only had one thing going for me when I started this project… DETERMINATION!!!

I picked out a rich purple paint for the border above the chair rail (click here to see that install).  It’s Valspar’s “Purple Frenzy” Interior Satin.  I got the stencil and roller from my favorite craft store – Hobby Lobby.  Also, the spray adhesive that I ended up not using. 

The stencil package suggested practicing on scrap paper, but I told myself, “what the heck… I can always touch-up any little mistakes.”  SO…. I took a deep breath, and set to work on the actual wall.  Ha Ha HA HA…. Man I’m bad at this….
really bad

Despite the smears and globs, I kept going.  And about ten feet down the wall it started to look a little better.   By the time I got half way around the room it was going pretty smoothly. 
in progress

And by the time I finished the room, well let’s just say the last several feet look pretty darn good!  Yay Me!! last wall2

Of course then I had to go back and completely paint over the most hopeless areas with my wall paint and try again.  repainted

Other areas just needed a little touch-up.
touch up

Super cute!!  I love how this turned out!

Thinking about doing some more stenciling around the house. :o)


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Tuesday, May 18

Little Girl’s Room Curtains


Another item reveal in my little girl room.  Here are the curtains I did.  They were super easy and quick to make.  I thought I might have problems since I added a light-blocking liner, but that turned out pretty simple to add.



I started with long, tone-on-tone, white striped material and added a strip of purple flowered material to the top.



Then, I added a 5/8 inch grosgrain purple ribbon over the seam.construct2 

Next I added 7/8 inch grosgrain purple ribbons to the top for a tie-on curtain. construct2_5

I used a thin strip of white material across the top for a smooth seam allowance. construct3

This strip was then ironed to the back.construct4 

After cutting a piece of blackout liner to the size of the finished curtain, I laid it on the back of the curtain and folded the sides of the curtain over, tucking under 1/4 inch on the hem.  Then I stitched along the edges.construct5



I hemmed the bottom by hand using a few whip stitches and tied the curtains onto the curtain rods.  The rods I got at Hobby Lobby for just over $7 each with coupons.  They came in a  kit that included the finials and hanging brackets.  A quick coat of white paint and they were ready to go up.construct6_5 

For the tiebacks, I used strips of the white fabric and put button holes in both ends.


I found these adorable purple buttons in my stash and tied them onto U-nails I hammered into the wall.  Slipped the tieback around the curtain and put the button through both button holes.

construct9a construct8a


The look is perfect for the room!


It’s purplishous!! There are a few other details I want to add to the room in the coming weeks.  Once I get the furniture back in place I’ll reveal the whole room.  Stay tuned.



Friday, May 14

Little Boy's Room Peg Mirror

I'm back! I've been on sabbatical getting settle in with the new baby and still putting last touches on some previous projects. And since nothing in life REALLY goes smoothly, we've actually been without our satellite internet connection for nearly a month.

Off topic aside:  I’m actually torn between the loss of internet being a bad thing or a good thing.  On one hand, there have been many times when I wanted to find a recipe, research a product, find a coupon, etc.  But on the other hand, it’s been very freeing to not constantly want to sit down at the computer and check email, Facebook statuses, or search for Swagbucks.  I think I have addiction problems.  LOL!  The last few weeks I’ve had so much more time to get stuff done… like finishing the mirror in my little boy room.


Using the same style and painting technique I used here (notice the bare-edged mirror in the last pic), I spent the last few days framing out an old mirror that was left-over when we built the house. 
To get started, I measured, cut, and painted the boards to frame the outside of the mirror.  Then I attached them directly to the mirror with Liquid Nails.

This stuff is great!  I found mine in the paint department of Home Depot.  It doesn’t set for about 10 minutes, so I had plenty of time to make sure the pieces were level and fit together as a square before they were permanently placed.

Originally the builders had precut the mirror to fit in our master bath and cut out a hole for the outlet too.  But we ended up buying smaller mirrors for each sink and framing them ourselves.  You can see the hole on the right side of the pics above and in the close-up below.  When I decided to repurpose the old mirror in the little boy room, I had to get creative about covering up the hole.
cutout hole2

That’s where the cork tile I salvaged from our old home came in. 
And to fill the space below it, I added a chalkboard.
I used hardboard to paint my chalkboard onto.  Here is a pic of the hardboard.  (Ignore my messy workshop.)

I cut the hardboard down to the size I needed.  Using a few coats of chalkboard paint that I got from Hobby Lobby, I turned it into a small chalkboard.  (That’s the inner frame for the mirror on the right side of the sawhorse.)

Once these pieces were finished, I attached them to the mirror with the Liquid Nails.
constructing right side

I used a small scrap of door casing molding (also left-over from building the house) below the chalkboard to hold the chalk and eraser.
chalk tray

Here it is, finished and ready for my little boy.  Notice in the reflection of the mirror the matching peg strip I showed you in a previous blog.
constructing final2

He absolutely loves it!!  I wish I had captured his expression when he came home from preschool and saw it.  Being a Mom is such a fantabulous job to have!


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