When I picture the windows open in a room, I imagine warm sunshine streaming through as the wind gently blows the curtains. Fresh air hits me and I am compelled to take a deep breath. The refreshing energy fills my soul. Of course there are only certain seasons when it's practical to open the windows, but my goal is to fill my heart, home, and family with a beautiful serenity that always makes me think the windows are open!

Friday, March 11

Bringing Spring Inside

Leen over at Leen the Graphics Queen did a fabulous post about forcing Forsythia.  I’ve always wanted to try this and loved her easy explanation.

But when I went out into MY orchard, we live so far south that this is what I found on my trees.



plum and pear

plum outside1

The pear and the plum trees have already started blooming!!  Well maybe next year I’ll get to try forcing, but for now, I have beautiful flowers to put around the house.  And just in time for my parents to come visit.  We’re celebrating the baby’s 1st birthday and my dad’s 77th birthday this weekend.


plum cut1

vase blossoms1

vase blossoms2

vase blossoms3

pitcher blossoms2

pitcher blossoms1

pitcher blossoms3


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Monday, March 7

Jumping on Board (and Batten)

It’s my turn to try out the delicious look of the board and batten in my home.  I’ve been stalking any blog post I could find that mentioned it and really loved how easy Karla @ It’s the Little Things and Décor Chick made it sound.  Then I procrastinated for about a century because I was sure the texture on my walls would be too obvious and look awful!

So to help convince myself, I Photoshopped some pics of my walls.

Before - right wall

Photoshopped - right wall

                                    Before - left wall

                        Photoshopped- left wall

(Did I not warn you before that this room is usually covered with toys?) <-- Follow this link for more before pics too.

Still unsure, I cut strips of paper and hung them on the wall.  I’m a very visual person and this really helped me to decide placement and size.  I moved the strips around until I was happy and felt a little more confident.  In the end I decided on 2-1/2 inch wide battens and placed them 16 inches apart - each one on a stud.  By doing this I knew they were evenly spaced and securely attached.  For the header, I picked a 3-1/2 inch wide board.

paper strips

I wanted something more substantial than the lattice board that Décor Chick used.  Instead I chose 3/4 inch thick primed mdf board in the widths I wanted.  Per sqft the price was actually less than the lattice and it was pre-primed!

So, finally I took the plunge and put three coats of semi-gloss white paint on the walls.  There was no turning back.

painted walls

I had pre-painted the battens a few weeks ago.  Then after lying in bed with the flu (and a million episodes of Rehab Addict later) I finally got them nailed up this weekend.  We love them!!!

B&B wall left

B&B wall right

I’m still considering to add a small plate ledge on top to place things on as Karla and Décor Chick did, but I couldn’t wait to show you this completed step in our family room redo!  More ideas in store…


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