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Friday, March 5

Little Girl’s Room Makeover - Step Two

(If you missed Step One, click here.)

Adding the chair rail… and saving some moolah…
Whenever I have an opportunity to save a little money, I usually jump on it unless I think I will absolutely hate it in the long run.  Well the chair rail for this room gave me just that opportunity.  Several years ago, when we first bought this property, it included an old house.  At the time we thought we could spruce up that house  and live in it for several years while saving to build a new home.  Hubby had bought some base molding to cover numerous ugly holes at the bottom of the wall where mice, and other animals would come in.  Long story short… We didn’t last in the old house very long.  With bad (as in dangerous) wiring, broken heater, and several other issues we soon moved into an apartment for a several months and had the old house destroyed and a new one built.  The base boards we had bought were never used.  Until now…
 simple baseboard

And I’m totally okay with this…
The old base molding will be my chair rail for this room.  They are very plain, but I don’t mind.  Some people might balk, but I don’t need a fancy chair rail in a toddler’s room. 

So, I cut the baseboard-turned-chair rail pieces.  Usually I put trim up and then paint it.  But this time, I decided to paint the trim first, install it, and then touch it up.  I think I like this method better.  Oh, and since the paint is actually an enamel high gloss paint, DH didn’t want me inhaling the fumes while pregnant and painted them for me.  What a sweetie!

chair rail painted
In the words of my 3 year old…
Now it’s time to pull out “My best friend in the whole world.”  My son says this about, well, everything and everyone. LOL!
Here she is… yes I said SHE!
best friend 16 gauge Dewalt finish nailer

With the kids at playschool today, I took the opportunity to put up the chair rail.  Here are a few pictures as I progressed around the room.
trim4  trim2 Part of the air compressor got in this shot.trim3


After a little touch up on the nail holes and a little caulk this chair-rail will be complete!!  I love how this turned out.


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