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Saturday, February 13

The Sweetest Man…

For Valentine’s Day, I want to spotlight the most wonderful man I’ve ever met.  And I am so blessed to call him my Husband!  He does some of the sweetest things.  Just the other day he told me how proud he is of me.  ~ Talk about a feel good moment! ~   He said he is so happy that I've started this blog and have a way to express my creative side.  He told me he's proud that I chose an endeavor that can be helpful and inspiring to others as well. What a sweet man!!!
 the sweetest man

Then today, he showed how incredibly supportive he really can be... and not just with words.  He spotted, stopped, and picked-up a piece of furniture someone had put out with their garbage on the side of the road.  He thought maybe I'd want it for one of my projects!  Is he great or what?!?


It looks like the bottom of an old chair.  There is some breakage and patching, but nothing I can't work around.  It's solid and heavy.

I'm thinking plant stand... Or little stool...or ???

What would you do with it?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!



  1. and your husband is a cutie!! What a great guy to pick you up that piece!

  2. the chair bottom can be used as a table for the little one. they could draw, paint, whatever and not worry about messing it up.
    cute blog! :-)

  3. ooohhh... I do love the idea of making a little arts/craft table out of it for the kiddos. Thanks for the great idea!!!


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