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Tuesday, February 2

Cutter Quilt Pillows

cutter quilt1

Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time these last few weeks on bed rest while we wait for our little one to enter the world.  Which means I have NOT been working on all the wonderful projects I’ve been wanting to post.  In fact, the only good thing is that I have LOTS of time to come up with more projects that I can’t wait to tackle in the future.

But I did want to share something and keep this blog alive.  It’s heartbeat was getting pretty sluggish. . . .    :o)

So, since I stare at them most of the day anyway, I decided to show you some cutter quilt pillows I made a while back that sit on the window seat in my bedroom.  You can find cutter quilts in a number of places from garage sales to a relative's attic.  I ended up going to EBAY and finding some for a good price.  A cutter quilt is nothing more than an old tattered quilt that, as a whole, is too battered to put on a bed.  But often there are smaller areas of the quilt that are not damaged and can be used for smaller projects (e.g. teddy bears, pillows, etc).
cutter quilt2

Using a sewing machine and basics for making a pillow, I sewed up a few different pillow shapes and stuffed them with polyfil.  This particular “feedsack” material reminds me a lot of the quilts my grandmother made.  It gives the room a comfy vintage look that I love.

cutter quilt4

cutter quilt3


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  1. Those vintage feedsack fabrics are delicious! I have quite a few of my own cutter quilts stashed up and I was searching for projects when I found your post. I am very inspired by your pillows - absolutely lovely. The size variations make for a wonderful display! Thanks for sharing... now where are my scissors?


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