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Thursday, February 18

Over the toilet cabinet redo

I did part of this cabinet redo before I got into the blog world, so I didn’t take a “before” pic.  But I just love before and after pics so I went and found a stock photo of how it looked originally.  The cabinet was left in an old house we bought by a previous owner.  So when we tore down that house to build a new one, we salvaged what was worthwhile.  The cabinet is nothing special.  Laminate covered particle board, but I grabbed it, knowing it had potential.
over-the-toilet cabinet

At first I just painted the whole thing white.  I learned the hard way that I should have primed it first.  It doesn’t paint well and took several coats.

painted white

We had the cabinet like this for about a year, but then after getting into the blogging community I saw all the wonderful redo’s that use distressing techniques.  I LOVE them!  And I knew that would look wonderful in my “Victorian” themed bathroom.  So today I got out my sanding block and started distressing the edges.

If I hadn’t been so lazy (and if the cabinet had been any bigger), I’d have gone out to the workshop and dug out the electric sander.  But the sanding block was already in the house … thus EASIER!!

sanded more

I’m liking how this looks, but decided to add some stain or glaze to really bring out the aged look.  I actually wanted to use some antiquing glaze but don’t have any (need to get me sum-a-dat!) so I ended up using some old stain and a paper towel.
  sanded stained side

After rubbing a little on the edges (emphasis on very little) and wiping/sanding anything excessive back off, I’m LOVING the new look of this cabinet.  So glad for all the inspiration I’m getting from reading other blogs!

Here’s another before, then and after.  Can’t help it.  I love to see the drastic changes side-by-side!!!
over-the-toilet cabinet painted white2 finished

Have a GREAT day!!!

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  1. Gorgeous! And a huuuuge improvement! I just redid a clock that had the same finish as yours had before you painted it. That old-school look has got to go! :)

  2. Wow. The difference in unbelievable!

    Great job.

  3. Great job!!! I've been pondering an over the toilet cabinet lately and seeing this makes me even more interested in looking to do something similar. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks great! I'm new at glazing and have just been using stain, too, and I'm loving the results.

  5. What a great update! I've always been afraid to paint covered particle board for fear it will make everything a huge, terrible mess, but this gives me confidence! Thanks for sharing!

  6. You did an awesome job!

    - The Tablescaper


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