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Tuesday, February 9

Transform One Curtain into Three = $$ savings


So surely you’ve seen the curtain sets of  two tiers and one valance that are sold for windows in your kitchen and breakfast nook.  You can usually get them for under $10 at Wally World if you want to go on-the-cheap.  And on-the-cheap is exactly how much I could afford when we first moved into the house we built and money was very tight.  But I wanted to get something up on the windows.  It isn’t really an issue of blocking out the view of others.  We live on 10.5 acres way out in the country and there aren’t any neighbors who can see in the windows.  It was the decorator in me wanting window treatments.

Well $10 for one window sounds pretty good, but not good enough for me.  I figured out a way to use ONE set and cover THREE windows.   It requires very basic sewing skills and the addition of ribbon.

I found some white curtains with yo-yo trim along the bottom.  For the kitchen window, I just hung up the valance.  

kitchen window

Then for my other two windows in the adjoining laundry room, I used the tiers to create easy tie up valances.


First I held the tier at the bottom where the trim is and flipped it over a couple inches to create a rod pocket.  With a sewing machine I ran a straight stitch from one side to the other.  Then, using a tension rod, I hung the tier (now upside down) in the window.  At this point, the original rod pocket is hanging down.

IMG_0350 ~ Close-up of trim now at bottom of rod pocket ~

Last, I used a couple of ribbons to tie up the curtain creating an accordion fold at the bottom to the height I wanted.  VOILA!



A quick, easy and CHEAP decor from one curtain set onto three windows.



  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I really love the curtains you chose. And even better that you repurposed the set to cover more windows! Never would have thought of that.
    Thanks for sharing this tip.

  2. Hi!
    Where did you find this yo-yo set? I have 2 sets already (bought a few years back) and I am looking for another valance.
    Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Hilary, I bought these a few years ago at Wal-mart. I haven't seen them there anymore, but I have seen them (used) on ebay. Hope you have good luck finding it. :) Rebecca

    2. Thanks for the reply! I found mine at Big Lots a few years ago too. I was hoping maybe you found some more recently. Love what you have done with the tiers... thanks again and have a great day :)


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