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Wednesday, May 26

Little Girl’s Room Wall Border


The painting is finally done.  The walls I showed you in a previous post, but this week I tried my hand a stenciling.  I’d never successfully stenciled before.  (I gave up the previous time I tried).  It seems to be a precise science to get just the right amount of paint on the brush/roller, then hold the stencil very still while getting paint into tiny holes.  And, spray adhesive on the back of the stencil didn’t work for me on our textured walls.  I’m convinced that if I had flat walls, this would have worked much better.  That’s my excuse anyway, hehe!  I only had one thing going for me when I started this project… DETERMINATION!!!

I picked out a rich purple paint for the border above the chair rail (click here to see that install).  It’s Valspar’s “Purple Frenzy” Interior Satin.  I got the stencil and roller from my favorite craft store – Hobby Lobby.  Also, the spray adhesive that I ended up not using. 

The stencil package suggested practicing on scrap paper, but I told myself, “what the heck… I can always touch-up any little mistakes.”  SO…. I took a deep breath, and set to work on the actual wall.  Ha Ha HA HA…. Man I’m bad at this….
really bad

Despite the smears and globs, I kept going.  And about ten feet down the wall it started to look a little better.   By the time I got half way around the room it was going pretty smoothly. 
in progress

And by the time I finished the room, well let’s just say the last several feet look pretty darn good!  Yay Me!! last wall2

Of course then I had to go back and completely paint over the most hopeless areas with my wall paint and try again.  repainted

Other areas just needed a little touch-up.
touch up

Super cute!!  I love how this turned out!

Thinking about doing some more stenciling around the house. :o)


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