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Friday, January 28

Guest Room Bedside Table

Aside from an occasional overnight visit from one of my siblings or my husband’s folks, our guest room is mainly used by my mom and dad when they visit.  In fact, after my grandmother passed away, my dad grabbed up his favorite bed and mattress from her home and brought it to me so he would always have a good place to sleep when he stayed with me.  Well that was many years, a marriage, and several houses ago.  And I’ve recently moved the bedframe and side tables to our master bedroom.  Dad’s favorite mattress now sits on a metal frame and didn’t have any side tables… until now.

I found a bed tray/side table online that I really liked.  The top tray can be taken off and moved around.  It’s great for eating in bed.

~ I know because I got another one for my bedroom and 
hubby has used it to bring me breakfast in bed.  *big grin* ~


I added a basket with extra soaps, lotion, and other toiletries in case my guests forget something.  My mom, of course, is much more impressed by this than my dad.  LOL!  My dad is one who wrinkles his nose funny at fancy scented soaps.


On the other hand, Dad is the one who gets up to drink water during the night.  With this graceful decanter and tumbler set, he can now reach his water from the bed.  No more getting up and finding his way to the kitchen.


This bedside birdie is my little chipper chirper.  It sits by a nest of sweet little egg-shaped soaps in a dish.


But it ties in nicely with the bird theme on the pillow shams and blanket.


Do you like to provide a little extra touch when your guests come to visit?


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  1. I like this idea! Much better than an ordinary bedside cabinet that you really can't use for anything else - the one you used here is easy to move around and use for different things. :)


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