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Saturday, February 12

Chalkboard and Corkboard Cabinet Door

chalkboard corkboard organization

I try to be organized.  I really do.  It just seems like I’m always taking one step forward and two steps back when it comes to keeping things neat and tidy.  One of our (my husband and me both) worst problems is making lists, misplacing them and making more lists.  Then of course we have ten lists all over the house with everything from honey-do’s to groceries to reminders.  And of course there’s overlap between the lists.  Yep it’s bad.

You might think that having a smart phone would help.  But dang it, it’s not smart enough to read my mind!!  I actually have to find the time to input appointments, reminders and such.  Well, today I am making an attempt to at least have ONE place to put lists, important reminders and such.  And best of all, it’s hidden away inside the cabinet.

cabinet door before

Check out the before pic… now that’s keeping it real.  Papers, boxes, you name it, get shoved into any open space when company is coming.  (Oh don’t pretend, you know you do it too!)  Only Martha Stewart keeps the inside of her cabinets neat all the time.  And if you do, wow, I am in awe!!  You are my hero.  Wanna come to my house?  Open-mouthed smile

So this actually turned out to be a pretty easy (as in during nap time) project.
You need:
* a cabinet door
* screw driver to take it off and put it back on
* chalkboard paint
* painter’s tape
* cork board tile
* fabric of choice
* glue

First I took the cabinet off it’s hinges and taped off the area I wanted to paint.  Then I applied the first coat of chalkboard paint (I used three total) and let it dry. 
taped and painted

first coat

Meanwhile, I cut a cork-board tile down to size to fit in the door and a scrap of fabric a few inches larger.

cork tile and fabric

I glued the fabric onto the board with Elmer’s glue, cuz face it, it’s cardboard and fabric.  No need for fancy glue… yet.

glueing fabric to cork tilefabric glued to cork tile
Then I did two more coats of chalkboard paint.  Actually, the first two coats I painted on with a brush to get a good coverage without a lot of overspray.  The third coat I sprayed on so I wouldn’t have brush strokes. It worked marvelously. 

third coat

I used wood glue to attach the covered cork tile to the inside of the door.  You could use Liquid Nails or any other strong glue that’s good with wood.

cork chalkboard door

And here it is with the door re-hung.  LUV IT!!!  Nope, I still haven’t cleaned that cabinet out.  The kids are up from their nap.  No time now.  LOL!
chalkboard cabinet door hung

Little by little I WILL get more organized!

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  1. Looks great! I've thought about doing that to the inside of my cupboard doors, too!

  2. An interesting idea! That kind of thing is actually much nicer inside a cupboard door than on a wall using up space and causing clutter (hehe). :)

  3. That's such a great idea!
    Love it! :)
    No clutter at all...
    Thanks for posting it.
    Great job!



  4. Creative designs of doors, I like this one. Cork tile flooring


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