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Wednesday, November 10

Garden Spigot

These cooler temperatures have been great for some outdoor projects.

My garden is about 40 feet from the house and until now I’ve had to run a garden hose down to it from the house.  Of course this means picking the garden hose up every time we mow which, face it, becomes a hassle.  Anyway, I’ve been wanting a more permanent solution and a chance to show my muscle… ha ha... j/k!!

As a kid I remember helping my dad run a waterline out to our barn so I felt confident I could do it.  To tell you the truth it was relatively easy.  Digging the trench was probably the hardest part, but I did it in sections and even enlisted hubby’s help for part of  it.

Made a trip to Home Depot for some PVC pipe, various connectors, and of course a hose bib.

01  03 
Measured and made my cuts with a zip saw.
05 04

Then used PVC primer and cement to attach the plastic pieces together.  And used PTFE seal tape on the metal joints or where metal connected to plastic.

Purple primer on both pieces first.09

Then clear cement on both pieces and hold together for a few seconds. 10 
Wrap the seal tape around the threads on the metal pieces about four times to prevent water leaks. 13

Here’s a view from the spigot on the side of the house that I tapped into and down the hill to the one I added at the edge of the garden. (Yes, this end of the garden is bare in this picture.)

I added an on/off switch at the house so I could empty the pipe during freezing weather to prevent it from bursting somewhere in the ground.IMG_1486

At the garden’s edge I popped the PVC pipe up out of the ground and added the spigot.  I also added an old bucket (turned upside down with a hole in it) to keep grass from growing right around the pole.  I’ll back fill a little more dirt around this and it should make mowing around it a lot easier.  (LOL, although not from the looks of the tall grass in this picture!)

I’m just glad for no more hoses dragged across the yard.  Hope you’re enjoying the cooler weather and finding some fun outdoor projects as well.


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  1. What a great idea. That is some talent you have to be able to do that. I love the view, so much open land around you.


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