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Thursday, September 30

Fall Mantel Decor

autumn mantel fantel

I finally got my mantel decorated today.  I LOVE it!! (And so do my little ones, which could mean trouble!!)
I didn’t have a chance to buy anything new this year, because I refuse to spend the time I need to bargain shop when I have the kiddos with me.  Their patience doesn’t last nearly as long as mine for such things.  These are the same pieces I’ve been using for years, but I completely rearranged how I usually decorate with them so it feels new to me.  I also shopped the house and added a few pieces like my pickle crock and my old watering can.

autumn flower display

dried arrangement watering can

I also pulled out my cake dome for a cloche and scattered nuts around my candles on a serving platter.

autumn cloche


autumn candles

I can already hear the many times I will have to tell the kids not to take the nuts and leave them all over the house.

Their favorite is, of course, the scarecrow.  He gets a special place up high.  My son is convinced the house is now safe from birds.  Little does he realize that he and his sister have probably already scared all the birds away for MILES!   :o)

scarecrow pumpkins

There are still a number of things at lower levels.  Let’s see if my two year old will listen when I tell her not to touch.  I hope I get to leave this up for longer than it takes me to get the pictures.

How do you decorate when you have little ones in the house?


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  1. Love it! I will have to post my pictures too. I have an empty cake dome sitting on my kitchen table that needs to be put away, but I think I will use your idea of putting gourds on it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful Fall displays!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog too. NFF's are wonderful.


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