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Tuesday, September 28

Fall Decor Fillers

autumn table display

I’m so excited autumn is here and the cooler weather is starting to hit.  While spring is actually my favorite season, fall is my favorite season for decorating.  I usually have my fall decorations up by early to mid-August, but really got behind this year.

If you’re looking for some cute but cheap fillers for your jars, bowls, and baskets, try some of these ideas.
Most of the fillers I used are natural things I found on our farm (I’m sure you could find stuff on the sides of roads or in your yard.  I did make these little vine balls out of covered wire.  I bought it for a different project, so I consider it free for this one.  :)  Just pretend you’re making a yarn ball and wrap until it is as big as you want it.  Simple!

vine wire balls

Here I have them mixed with nuts in a thrift store jar.  In the other jar are some dried lemon eucalyptus leaves from a tree I used to have.  When it died I saved the leaves and use them for decorating.  After many years they still have a nice fragrance and a great autumn color.

fall jar fillers

I cut tall pampas grass for the pitcher.  I went outside looking for something to give the table height and remembered these beauties on the far fence-line.  I swear there was an unidentified animal rustling in the plant when I went to cut them. *Shivers at the thought that it may have been a snake*

fall jar fillers and grass

The bowl has a layer of cheap potpourri with large pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and decorative apples on top.  The apples were from wally-world, but years ago.  I don’t know if they still carry them.

fall bowl filler

Using the Pottery Barn catalog for inspiration, I tried to fill under the table with a few more things.  I didn’t have any large pieces like I would have preferred to use, but I also didn’t want to go spend $$$ to replicate the look.

Clustered on one side is a few fall harvest decorations I got from Hobby Lobby last year during the 70% off after-season sale.

fall decor harvest

On the other side is an old picnic basket that’s been in the family for years.

fall decor picnic basket
Doesn’t this weather make you want to go have a picnic?


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  1. That looks so pretty! I especially love the "harvest" sign and the pretty decorative jars!

  2. Love the decorations, especially the Harvest sign. I have to get my pinecones out too.


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