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Friday, September 24

Birthday Castle

It’s been a while since I last posted.  I’ve been working on an appliqué quilt for my nephew, but I don’t have any pics to show you.  My sister is only giving me pieces of it at a time to work on.  We’ll put them all together later.

sleeping beauty cake   
But we did have a double birthday here recently and I wanted to show you the fun cake I did.  My son turned 4 and my daughter turned 2.  Their birthday’s are one day apart and we have been celebrating them together… at least until they’re old enough to want their own day and theme.  Last year I did a train cake from Wilton’s puzzle cupcake forms.

train cake

This year I thought surely I’d have to do two different cakes.  Something pink and girly for my daughter and ??? for my son.  So when my son came to me with a book about a farmer who had a birthday and told me he wanted a PINK cake just like the farmer, I figured I’d lucked out.  :)

Here’s his their pink cake that he and his 2 year old sister love!

sleeping beauty castle cake

I’m not the greatest cake decorator.  I’m certainly not a professional, but I love that I can create something myself and give from my heart.  Happy Birthday to my little ones!



  1. I love making my kids birthday cakes too. The cakes look great- you did a wonderful job.
    Visiting from NFF.

  2. Oh, I bet your kids were thrilled! Kudos to you for such cute cakes. Yeah, Mom!
    Glad to have found you on New Friend Friday follow.

  3. Love the cake! As a kid I always wanted a different type of cake and my mom, like you, always took on the challenge!

    Thanks for stopping by GOODEness Gracious !

  4. The cutes are soooo cute! So creative. I remember when my oldest was 4, (many years ago) I made him a Thomas the Tank Engine cake. Love your blog and I am your newest follower from NFF!


  5. Sorry I meant to say that the cakes were cute! Not the cutes :) I must be tired. Long night.


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