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Saturday, July 17

Custom Master Closet

Do you ever have those projects that you think you will complete in just one day, but somehow three weeks later you’re STILL working on them.  I’m in the middle of one of those right now.  For the last two years I’ve been keeping a dirty little secret.  Every time someone comes to visit, since we built the house two years ago, I try to make sure everything is clean and nicely decorated.  Or at least as well as you can do that with toddlers.  LOL!  But what no one has known (until now) is that I don’t have a master closet!!  I mean I have a room, but for two years I have had no hanging rods, shelves, NOTHING!  Just boxes with clothes, piles of clothes, and shoes strewn underneath everything.  Yeah, you could really get lost in there.  A few months ago I finally put up a shower curtain rod for my husband to hang his nice shirts on.

WHY?!? you ask, would the builder not finish the closet!!  Well, solely because I told him not to.  You see, I had this vision of a beautiful custom closet.  Like these:
closet organization3
closet organization2

And I was going to get it done soon after we built the house.  But then, YIKES! KaCHING! Have you seen the price of those things?!?  So I procrastinated for two years trying to decide whether to build my own or buy a cheaper alternative then the nice ones.  Finally after living off the floor for so long I gave up on ever having time to make one myself and broke down and spent still too much money on some cheaper ClosetMaid shelving and rods.  That was three weeks ago and it was supposed to be finished that day.  Now, after several additional trips to Home Depot, cause let’s face it once you get it in the space it’s always easier to redesign and use the space more efficiently, I’m ALMOST finished. BTW, it’s hard taking pics inside a small closet with my camera, sorry.
IMG_1362 Left wall

IMG_1360Left back corner

IMG_1363 Right back corner

IMG_1364Right wall 

Maybe in another three weeks…  I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. I know exactly what you're talking about...
    Currently, I have the same situation... :)
    But you could finish it and it's great!
    I still have more things on the list till get to the closets... :)
    I gotta remind myself that it takes time and budget... :)


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