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Thursday, July 22

The Closet is Finished

Sure enough, I knew that if I blogged about an unfinished project it would be just the motivation I needed to find time to get it done.  I promise my family has not suffered as a coincidence.  They are still well fed, loved and nurtured.  (But I probably ought to vacuum and do some laundry now.)

And of course it helped that several times this week all three kids napped at the same time!!

So, at last, I got the closet finished.  If you missed how I’ve been without a master closet for the last two years, go <here>.  Before this project, it was just a bare, empty room.  I used ClosetMaid Selectives shelving and rods from Home Depot in a nice cherry finish.

After pulling our clothes out of boxes, bags, and the kid’s closets, I populated the new rods and shelves.  I’m thrilled with how much space I, um, we really have now.

his sideHis Side
 backsideBack Side

her side Her Side

The room seemed so small before (well it really is small), but now it seems so much bigger with all the custom shelves and hanging rods. 

I did spend a few bucks on a fabric box for laundry. I chose Martha Stewart's because it had a place for a label.
laundry label

Then I considered buying more nice boxes for storing other things, but decided I couldn’t justify spending the money when we have tons of cardboard boxes in the garage.  After all it’s just a closet… with a door… and a dim light to boot…

But then on second thought, who wants to see ugly cardboard boxes in such a nice closet?!? 

Not me. So I pulled my creative brain out of it’s hiding place, dusted it off, and went to work crafting.  First I covered the boxes with some textured wallpaper I got free.  Then I put pretty fabrics on for lids and printed labels. 
  box labels

There!  Pretty and functional.  I love the brown fabric and the “Winter” box just has a scrap of burlap tied over the top.

Ooh, me so happy!!!

So then today while I was reading back in my blogroll I saw Ronda’s closet makeover featured at The DIY Show Off.  I loved the His and Her signs she did but wanted something a little different.  I’ve had these frames tucked away for a while and her post inspired me to use them in our closet.  Here’s where the inspiration took me.

On hubby’s side a daily reminder of my love from Uppercase Living.

On my side, a daily reminder of the kind of woman I should be.  (First saw this quote by Maya Angelou on my friend Dawn’s FB page.  Love it girlie - had to borrow.)

Organization feels so good.


Check out this project and tons of other great talent at The DIY Showoff's Project Parade, The Girl Creative, and Making the World Cuter Mondays!


  1. what a great use of your space. i think it looks great! great job!

    coming over from diy showoff

  2. Oh I am jealous! You did a really fabulous job! I totally want to get an organization system for our closet. Really fabulous signs for the his and hers.

  3. I too LOVE the feeling of an organized space -- and I LOVE yours! :) That closet looks wonderful -- all the added little details make it just wonderful!

  4. That is a gorgeous closet! Love your cardboard boxes, too!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll follow you back. :)

  5. Gorgeous! I'm salivating!!! I love a well organized space.
    Thanks for visiting my blog
    Linus and LuLu


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