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Monday, January 18

A little dollar store organization

My craft room has been in serious need of some organization.  I still have a ways to go, but wanted to share this cheap organization idea I used.


At the dollar store I picked up some colorful baskets to store ribbons, fabric paint, etc.  The shelf was made by salvaged pieces from an old house… as in FREE.  :-)
I just painted the piece of wood and the rod and put them on the metal brackets.

green basket
blue basket

These two plastic baskets hold scrap fabric and jelly roll fabric.

purple wire basket and ribbon

Rolls of ribbon hang directly on the rod as well as in the basket.

two wire baskets  

These baskets hold odds and ends like buttons, craft paint, scrap book scissors, pipe cleaners, etc.
Useful and handy, yet out of the way and no longer cluttering my work area!


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