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Friday, January 15

Fixing the Velcro/Aplix on your cloth diapers for good!!

With my third child due very soon, Baby has been on the brain.  I decided to share my cheap and easy remake of my cloth diapers that got worn out after about a year of use with my two older kiddos.

I have about 33 bumGenius™ 3.0 one-size pocket diapers that were supposed to last me forever.   Ha!!
Did you know that hook and loop tape wears out with use and many, many, MANY washings?  Well, now I do too.  And the thought of spending hundreds of dollars right now on a new set makes my pregnancy heartburn and nausea come back.  (I hesitated for two seconds about whether or not to buy some really cheap ones from China. Uh, no!)  So when I saw other companies and WAHMs making their diapers with snaps, I thought DUH!
diap 01

Here are all the supplies I need.
1. old diaps with worn out hook/loop tape
2. seam ripper
3. snap pliers (or press) for plastic snaps
4. plastic snaps
I also used these to make things easier, but could have done without.
5. awl (came with my snap pliers)
6. ruler
This is so easy you won’t believe it.
     Note:  If you don’t have a snap press or snap pliers specifically for plastic snaps you will need to order one online.  The ones at local JoAnn-type stores don’t work on plastic snaps.  I got my pliers from Kamsnaps.com with 200 snaps for about $35.  I don’t recommend paying over $100 for the snap press unless you plan to use it a lot.

First use your seam ripper to take off the wide strip of loop tape across the top of diaper and the two tabs of hook tape that normally would affix to it.  (After I get it started with the ripper, I find it easy to gently rip it off with my hands.)
diap 02
diap 03

Now, of course, since I’m a perfectionist (yes I know I have issues) I’m gonna spend a little extra time pulling all those little threads out.  They will probably come out in the wash, but I can’t wait that long!! :-)
diap 04

Next, I mark about 8 places across the diaper where I want to put snaps.  I start on either side of the middle and measure out about every 1-¼ inches.
diap 05

Then, using either the seam ripper or an awl, I poke holes through the top layer of fabric where I’ve marked for the snaps… (notice my hand is up inside the diaper pocket) and push the cap piece into the hole.  While my hand is in there I do all of them at once.
 diap 06
diap 07

Placing the socket piece onto the cap, I make sure the pliers is centered and squeeze! TaDa!!!
diap 08

Now do this with the rest of them.
diap 09

Last step is to add the stud part of the snap to the two tabs using the same method.
diap 10

Before and after….
diap 11diap 12 

Hope this is useful to some of you. Or maybe it will inspire you to make some other baby items using snaps. They really are super easy!!!


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